A -Creepy- Hotel

A -Creepy- Hotel

Only on more Pure Metal to go! I have the Crimsonine and the Azurine now, only missing the Aquanine and i'll have the Phantom sword! wohoo!

So anyway, not much happened lately, until i got a call saying that the Mysterium needed the help of me and some others.
Apparently a hotel that was about to be knocked down due to it being in a bad state after 50 years, appeared to be haunted, and they wanted us to check if there was a Sanctum there.

Me and a couple of others, Mato and Charlotte, went to do some research at the library, to see if we could find some building plans, while the remaining two, Jack and Dick, checked the web for myths and stuff about the place.

At the library we started searching for building plans, but… yeah….. (*at the side of the page* Note to self: Do not
So when i finally managed to find a chair i whipped back and waited untilthe others actually found| SUCK! from now on*)
something while trying to find out which of the Anouki… (yay for reindeer-penguins) was the fake one.. in the end i decided to go for process of elimination.. yeah.. the cheap way out.
So while i was bending my mind to find out who was the only lier the others managed to find some old building plans, so then we finally drove to the scene.

The five of us arrived and went inside, into the dark loomy building.. i swear, i gotta have a flash light somewhere.. didn't Miraz allways carry with him that "customized" maglite (spray-painted in his favourite green -.-'), maybe its still in his backpack.. i sure hope it isn't lost…
Anyway, we went inside and took a look around the first floor, Dick went off to the bar… while we others just looked around. a bit, cast some sight spells and such. Then we decided we should go up the floors and check.
Me, Mato and Charlotte started walking up the stairs as 50 year old elevators didn't seem very appeailing to me.. apparently they did so to Dick… Jack (who had brought a dog) had some trouble with his dog and took it outside.
On the way up the stairs to the third floor we heard a crashing sound coming from the elevator shaft… we opened the elevator doo to find the elevator stuck halfway between our floor and the next. Charlotte and Jack (who had come up the stairs just before) went up to see if they could do anything from up there, while Mato tried to take a closer look, and discovered Dick's feet hanging in the air, dripping blood.. I went up to tell the others and saw Dick coming out of the elevator door… after some shouting and shuffling Jack went down and the elevator went crashing… the whole buisness was enough to convince me that this place had some freaky magic about it.

We proceded to the fifth and final floor to find ourselves.. blocked.. by a wall… a seemingly indestructible magic wall.
We started testing it, when two big dogs came bursting out from it! after a little shuffle involving injuries and shooting through the wall making it disappear.
We started testing the doors one after one.. we frequently saw a hanged man (some found him scary sometimes) and were attacked by incets and… suddenly.. i was attacked by a swarm of birds and bats… i started to run back and saw Dick and Charlotte closing the door and Jack standing around.. I tried shuffling a bit and discovered that the birds would weer a bit away if i directed the flashlight i was holding at them.. so i started babbling high speech and cast a spell to controll the strength of the light to turn it up to the max.. the result… a floodlight! Yeah.. teh birds fled allright.

While i had birds assaulting me Dick and Charlotte was communing with ghosts… which turned out to be afraid of everything.. especially communists and black people…
The ghosts ofcourse needed help moving on to the afterlife, so i tried calling some contact to see if we have some sorta "ghostbusters" group or anything that could come help, only.. my cell phone didn't work. So i tried going outside.. which resulted in me finding out about teh magical forcefield that meant we were trapped here until we got rid of what was keeping them here.. Fear.. so we set out into the corridors.
Out in the corridors i cast Prime mage-sight and wham! atlantean runes. we wrecked the runes, the wall opened, and saw a spider… dressed in a russian-coat, like a real communist.
He went further inside and we followed him, we came into a living room, sorta, with a couple of doors, we spread around the room a bit and i tried one of the doors, next thing i know.. i'm curled up in fetus position on the floor afraid of everything.. i've never known such fear… when i awaken Fear is apparently not physically manifested.. but still attacking us, and only people who can interact with spirits seem to be able to harm him.. so instead of trying to no awail, i continue going in the door i was trying. Inside there was what looked like an alchemist lab, nothing that looked like it controlled or anchored Fear, so i went and tried the other door instead. There were a bedroom or two and a kitchen but nothing else. I returned to the living room and after a hard struggle we managed to bring Fear down, much thanks to Mato and his shotgun.
We wrapped things up and rapported, but i really gotta find out some better way to deal with stuff like that.

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