A Photographer's Destiny

A Photographer's Destiny

Ahh.. Final Fantasy IV remade for the DS just in time. Been a while since i played it now, and the graphics are good, i made it to Kaipo and i can't wait with progressing.

I was called in to do something for the Mysterium. Me, Stalker, Dick, Fox and William Hall were tasked with figuring out how/why a small number of people had lost their Destinies… We gathered some info, and found out that one of the places we could check to see if something was amiss was a casino, so we went there, the three of us ( William hadn't showed up yet) split up and took a look around with various Mage Sights. After a while i tracked down the others, and they happened to have found someone with a missing Destiny (missing as if it had been stolen like a soul) and Fox had tried to get her to talk to him without succeeding, after a little time of thinking i went over to her and tried to seperate myself from the rest with the original line "you look sad" by acting as the hearthrob i am (or atleast should be), but before i had much of a chance Stalker dragged me out of the way and told me to leave, so i found somewhere quiet to play some.

Apparently though it went quite well, and Stalker managed to get her to believe him to be in touch with a writer (she was trying to strike through as a writer apparently), and just then Willam came along to play the part, they talked to her, and it seemed that a photographer was stealing peoples Destinies by taking pictures of them… the worst part was that Fox found out that Stalker was missign his.

Atleast we knew where to go, we planned a bit and went to the photo shop the alleged "Thief" was using, and confronted him, unfortunalely for us when we got into a bit of a fight with him after Stalker (turned invisible by a rote) failed stabbing him in the neck with a tranquilizer dart, it seemed he was a Vampire by his behaviour, he didn't stay for long though, but we quickly found some things of his, for example a set of photogaphies with people on them, and stains of blood. We quickly called the Mysterium to come clear teh house for magic stuff. And called Silver Shield to scry on the believed-to-be vampire, Silver Shield came, and managed to track him down for us. So we were ready to go but… thought we might want to plan a bit first. So we figured, Some of us could controll fire, some of us could meld lighters into things, so why not have the rich one of us (William) to go out and buy a set of super soakers for us, fill them up with gaseline, meld in lighters, and we've got a flamethrower. After that we went to find him. He was not to be found in his appartment, but the door to the basement was locked from the inside, so we had Fox guard there, while the rest of us found a trapdoor leading downstairs. We went down and found him in a room, rushed in, sprayed him, gave him one last chance to surrender, and blasted him.. after a short battle where he used Awakened magic to turn the fire against us, and turned into a werewolf, i managed to perform basic first aid on him and we were able to turn him in, and hand over the camera he used to capture Destinies to the Mysterium, giving a good - Mission Accomplished - kinda feeling.

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