Aliester aka Rén

Shadowname: Rèn
Path: Thyrsus
Order: Free Council
Spiller: Eirik


Looks: Male, early 30's. Athletic build, darkblond hair and light blue eyes. Wears fashionable sportswear, usually of a relaxed elegant cut with trendy sneakers to match. Topped of with a buckethat. The clothing varies between Dark Blue with white trimming or Dark Green with white trimming and at odd occasions he have even turned up in white with gold trimmings. Accessorieses with a cane made of an exotic, warm dark brown wood and a pale golden medallion with mystical inscriptions. Used to be accompanied by a black cat. But as off lately no one has seen it around.

Demeanour: Relaxed, got all the time in the world. Often cought staring with a blank expression out into seemingly thin air. Just as often talkes in a strange tounge to random objects around him. He possesses little academic knowledge, but is quite knowledgeable in cultural and spiritual matters.

Info: Has recently started to introducing himself as Rén. But responds to Aliester just the same. Rén (or Aliester) Favor the Spirit arcana. But are just as apt in Prime. Those who have botherd to scrutinize him will have noticed that he got a weaker resonance then most awakend, and often his aura looks like that of a sleeper. For those who can see into the twilight they can sometimes see a guardian angel with halo, wings and a flaming sword following Aliester. Just recently the angel has taken to a more artifacted look.

Lately Aliester have decleared his sanctum open to anyone who wish to pursue spiritual undrestanding of one self, sleepers included. His hallow is at disposial to those in pursuit of the nobel truth to aid them on their path to realisation. Every Sunday his sanctum is open to everyone, and Aliester hosts and leads ritual meditation focused on increasing spiritual awerness and understanding. All is welcome, but as a rule awakend visitors never use or have active any supernal powers while in sanctum. If the guideline is blindly ignored, bad karma might sneak up on you and bite you in the rear and give you 7 years of bad mojo.. and 7 years is a very long time.

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