An Oath fulfilled.

An Oath fulfilled

Ahh.. the Spoony Bard.. good times..

I'm really not sure how much i should write about this, but this journal is private and i hide it well, so i guess i'll put it all down.

A Mysterium called the Terminator contacted me saying he had something for me, apparently Miraz and he had been in a Cabal a while ago, and he had something for me frrom him. He gave it to me since Miraz's other apprentice (i don't remember anyone else, but i think i met him on a couple of occasions) wasn't to be found.

It was a map showing a graveyard with a mark on it. Terminator talked a bit more about some stuff like bringing people along, and that he could get some.. at first i was going to find out what Miraz had left for me there, but when he mentioned it bringing someone else didn't sound like a bad idea in case something nasty happened, i called Mato whom agreed to come, and it seems that Terminator had gotten someone in from the Mysterium, since William Hall allso came.

We were there by midnight and suddenly, an image appeared.. Miraz… it was a recorded message telling me about the *some words seems to have been edited out for the version handed in to the Mysterium* that Miraz had tasked me with finding and taking care of, he told me to go about 1 km north out of the city by glac- and then he was cut off.

It showed that someone had tampered with it (most likely transported it to where they stood so that they could hear what he said) and then teleported out, luckily, William knew enough space magic to follow through, so he tried doing that while me and Mato tried calling for backup, i tried calling Stalker a couple of times, without success, then Mato tried and did a significantly better job but while he was talking, Willam ported us to.. what looked like a warehouse..

We quickly fanned the warehouse and found that it was connected to a car-thing-shop of some kind or another, we didn't have much time to check because the alarm went off.. ofcourse.. it might have been fake, but why take the risk.. so we just quickly found out the name of the store, and got out of there.

We allso contacted the only time-mage we knew well enough off.. Fox, to have him time-scry for us and try to get more of the message Miraz had put for me. He succeeded a bit, but not much.

After that we went over to the Athenaeum (i think) where William tried to dig up what he could about the *edited away*meanwhile (and taking far less time) we found out what place we thought Miraz had referred to. After a long while William came back with the neccesary info, and everyone went home to get a short nights sleep so that we could go out again next morning.

We met up and went out the next day, a Guardian (Allan) had been assigned for some reason, to help us out.
Anyway, we drove out of the city to the hotel/garage/no-longer-used-mobster hideout, only to find that someone had gotten there before us. Wiliam went to peek, and was discovered. There were four guys there (though william said he'd seen five), but Stalker and Allan managed to have them believe we were the police investigating something, so we got in and sent them out, we checked a bit and found that there was a hidden room in the floor, that William had seen a fifth person going down into.

The others started searching and trying to open the trapdoor to the hidden room. while me and Stalker went to keep an eye on the four outside, while doing this we felt magic being cast, apparently a fifth person was sending them a telepathic message or something.

Stalker and Allan went out to check a bit on the guys, so i kept a watch out for them, and checked the guys a bit with Mage Sight and found that they were mostly sleepers, but one of them was a Sleepwalker. Allan was confronting one of them a bit roughly, i called him to come in so that i could update him on the fact that there was a sleepwalker among them, when they got in, the guys from outside ran off. Stalker, acting quickly, turned himself invisible aswell as soundless and followed them, while we were finally breaking through the trapdoor (it had been made to seem as a part of the floor but Mato managed to break through with the use of massive strength and a plank), to find a place were the *edited* unfortunately the person who had gone down here was allready gone. So we phoned Stalker and got directions, got out, got into Mato's car, and drove fast after them.

We got there with a bit of a spin due to Mato's car not being excactly made for off-road standing face-to-face with five of them, and an injured Stalker lying there, i got out, ran forward and tried Flashing them with Miraz's old flashlight, it didn't work very well though.. They started firing their guns at us and the fifth one, identified as a Mage since he actually flinged Celestial Fire at us (aswell as a bit of dispelling).. hurried to the car and was about to start up, i tried leading the battery's electrisity astray but it didn't work very well and soon everything went black.

When i woke up the car was in flames, aswell as a couple of the bodyguard people, I got *edited* from Stalker, and now i just need to find a safe hiding place for it.. and SOON.. i need help, and from people i know i can trust…

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