And into the Church... from both sides.

And into the Church… from both sides.

Allan told us quickly that we were in danger here and had to form a plan and leave quickly.
We decided to strike from both sides of the Gauntlet simultaneously. Me, Stalker, Allan, Silver Shield and Icarus went on the physical world team(Mato sent his totem spirit to look after us, its a great healer). While Aliester, Mato, Charlotte and Fox went to the spirit world.

We drove to the church while the others went there on the other side, and just as i started the (real) Dark Elf boss battle, we were going in. We opened the door, and saw… Flemming and another guardian. Flemming was the one who sent us to find what was wrong with a hallows esscence, and when we discovered the Lunar influence's origin, he came there and basically said "Oh, thats right, i had forgotten you were here" so yeeah.. i kinda charged straight at him, and before long i had a set of handcuffs on me… thanks to Stalker.

We talked with them, they claimed to be cleansed of the Lunar by Stochastic, and that they were waiting for her, that i was probably influenced by the tainted mana, (after they had put me in complete chains). They also said that Ophelia had been taken by the enemy, and that it was unfortunate that we had left Iago with her.

We talked and argued a bit, ending in us staying inside the church while they went outside, and after a while Stochastic showed up. She cast some magic, and found out i was indeed tainted by the Lunar mana, so i decided to effectively drain myself of mana by making tass manga, which she went on to try and scan. while the others went back inside the church.

I think i heard some shooting before a large wolf assaulted me, and then i had enough to deal with for some time on my own, until Annulus and Iago came through a portal, i thought they were taken by the enemy when Annulus yelled at me "Stand still!" and procceeded at casting Celestial Fire.. in my direction. Luckily i understood they were on our side when he aimed at my chains and not my flesh, so i started flaming the chains off myself.

When i got up, it was pretty much over, with Stochastic and the other Guardian being down, and Flemming being forced to give up. It feels good to be right some times, allthough Stochastic had used up my Manga.

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