Diamond Diplomats and Friends of Darkness

Diamond Diplomats

I gotta make sure i nail every monster in the Tower of Zot, The Dark Elf was fun though.

Two problems this time around. Horatio's in hospital after a couple of people tried to break into his Sanctum and gave him unhealable (by magic) wounds, so we were given responsibility of his adopted (sleepwalker) son, allso we were breaching contact with a group of… we're not quite sure.. but Allan had had some contact with them and could see them as they were.. (not quite sure what that means really) he had entered a binding contract not to tell others of them, but fate magic brought him out of that.

I met the others (Fox, Allan, Stalker, and William Hall) in Horatio's appartment, where we agreed that while i stayed there babysitting the kid, they'd go find some info on the "Diamond gang" which was the name of the gang the.. creatures were in. Babysitting went fine, i played Guitar Hero with him, (beat him good) and when he tired i sat and played some DS, until the room got dark, and i heard someone enter.. I took up Miraz's flashlight, but.. it didn't seem to do any good… so i cast a little forces spell and got it to light properly up, the intruder was a slimy little dirty man who attacked me, when i approached him back he.. did something.. scary.. so i ran into one of the other rooms, luckily the same as Horatio's kid. stashed him in the corner and waited for the innevitable, when the others called.

I explained the situation, and told them to hurry back here, then readied myself for the enemy. The door opened and the darkness came creeping in in front of him.. i made some killer bees out of a nearby potted plant, controlled them, and sent them towards him with the command "KILL!" he came hasstling in, and i attacked him with all my might, after a rustle resulting in more, uncontrolled, bees.. the others arrived and he went running out the back, straight towards the wall and…. UPWARDS THE FREAKING WALL! luckily Stalker and Allan got him shot down, and we got him stable.. after which Fox and Allan started arguing about wether we should take him to the Guardian prisons or the Mysterium zoo…. they even had a duel (i squared the circle for them) and Fox won, so we went and had a very unfruitful interrogation in the Mysterium dungeons.

He told us that we were evil, had kidnapped the boy, were holding him there against his will, and that he had tried to rescue him, sounded alot like the Banishers only he knew less… he allso wasn't willing to say what the hell he had done to run up the walls and stuff.. he looked like a sleeper, but… somehow.. i doubt it.. he took the running up the walls stuff quite casually.. if he's a mage he's not a registered one.. maybe not even one who knows about Magical society..

Anyway, we decided to go visit the Broken Diamond nightclub to find out more about the gang and their leader, Crystal Jane.. so we went over there after Fox had picked up "gangster" outfits.. meaning green suits.. for all of us on Stalkers command (Stalker seems to have confused "Gangstah" and "Gansters".. isn't he supposed to be a policeman?).

The club was pretty full, and people looked at us, it didn't take long before we were permitted into the boss's office.. His name was Crunch, he's a big guy.. really big.. bear-hug-with-actual-resemblance-to-a-bear-big..

He disadvised us from meeting Crystal Jane, but we persisted, so he told us to wait..
When he came back it was with alot of warnings, and told us that she liked shiny stuff for gifts.. he made her sound like a true arrogant monarch.. which she was.. her chamber had alot of mirrors.. and alot of.. "shinies" gold, jewels, yeah..
She came shining out of a mirror, and her nature was… strange… like it was fragmented…. She acted arrogantly, and there was a bit of confusion amidst us.. I've ALLWAYS hated that kind of royalty! in the end, Stalker gave her a piece of Tass, and she gave him a chalice to give the Concilium, and then we left quickly1

When we got out however.. we got a phonecall from the Athenaeum saying that the prisoner had escaped and taken Horatio's boy with him… and we thought it was safer to leave him there then taking him with us..

Anyway we wen't back there… *The rest has been filed away somewhere else for some reason*

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