Path: Moros
Order: Free Council
Spiller: Eirik

Utseende: Thin senewy fella, Medium long black hair and a sideburn-moustache combination that'd make any true redneck proud. Usually wears oiled stained denim jeans, a sleeveless flanel shirt and a ragged denim vest with the southern flag on the back. He is often seen drivin around in his pickup truck that has seen far better days.

Info: He is a born and bred Redneck. There are three things that makes his life worth living.. Booze, cars and guns (most often in that order, and just as often at the same time). After a few bottles of the strong stuff he could get a bit "charming" towards the ladies, it usually ended with them slapping him, calling him a dick and leave. After a while the name just kinda stuck.
He favors the Matter aracana.

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