Escaping Escapadists

Escaping Escapadists

Some People didn't have the time, some from outside had, so we rearranged a bit and went to the Athenaeum, We went and checked the escaped prisoners cell, finding next to nothing, me and William Hall went up to try and find something out, while Mato, Silver Shield, and Allan kept on searching, William got to borrow a magical Device that only he could use so i st down and played a bit DS, Allan got a phonecall from someone that wanted him to bring everyone to have a talk about something important.

When we decided to leave and had gotten in the car, a note dropped out of the air saying to meet another place then Allan had been told over the phone… someone is paranoid.

We arrived at a café and met up with Ophelia, a paranoid looking junior Guardian, she took us into a corner where she had put up different wards and stuff.. and told us that she suspected that something strange had happened with a lot of the higher standing Guardians (amongst them Curunir herself) as they had been acting strange. She left us to talk alone, and we decided that finding Jarod, was more important right now.

Upon leaving we got a phonecall telling us not to talk to Ophelia as she was crazy and when we shouldn't go see her, and when we came back to the Athenaeum we were met by another Guardian with the same message, we continued the search, and we came to the conclusion that the guy had .. "pressed" himself through bars you wouldn't get a fist through, ran up, gotten Jarod, and ran into the doorway but… not into the next room…

*the rest seems to be filed off somewhere else for some reason.*

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