First to get a Diamond...

First to get a Diamond…

We (Kage, William Hall, Silver Shield, Mato and Allan) met up with Stalker, Fox, Charlotte, Aliester and a Free Council who was pretty new named Icarus.

We discussed ways to aproach Crunch with the fact that one of them had kidnapped the adoptive child of one of us…
We came up with a couple of plans, the best (imo) was to buff up one of us' strength, and challenge the slimy dude to a barehanded duel.. i'd so be the duellant… But we settled for talking to Crunch first, maybe threatening with going to Crystal Jane if he didn't help us out.

So we went and talked to him, cleared everything up. he took us to a church where Jack (as he was called) was. There we talked and discussed with them both and it seemed like Crunch put Jack into place a bit, as a shoving of friendship, Mato healed him of the wounds we had given him, in return he gave us something that made it possible to heal Horatio's unhealable wounds, and Stalker returned his car to him.

We then got a phonecall from Ophelia asking us how the investigation is going, (the one we had decided weren't as important) now however we had the time.1

We decided to try and locate Iago since Curunir had sent him off somewhere or something vague like that.
We decided either to go to a restaurant of some sort, or to his office, and while i went to the toilet the others settled for searching the office.

Iago is a pothead… his office stank of something illegal and it looked ransacked, we searched it and found some papers that looked like Annulus' research, something about ley lines or whatever, Silver Shield allso managed to scry on Iago, and saw him.. on an alter.. with celtic looking carvings in his skin.. a morphine drip.. and… a snake spirit thing… wrapping itself slowly around him…. yeah..

We located him at… a homeless shelter… one we've been to before… one with mages.
We allso discerned from the papers with Annulus' research that what they're doing is simmilar to something the Seers of the Throne does..

So we got some backup when we went there in Malefiecent and Ophelia.

*the rest seems to be filed off somewhere else for some reason*

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