Initiation in the Concilium (part 2)

After order had been somewhat restored we were all given tasks to do in groups of about 4-5 people, i was teamed up with Jack, a veternarian Arrow, Silver Shield, a Ladder in a suit (i think he works in some security company), and Charlotte, a gothy girl from Mysterium. we were given the task to track and find the rest of the guys and gals who could have worked with the attackers and if we could ofcourse, who hired them.

We started with some planning and scouring the area, i got a Sentinel, Maleficent, to get together a list of the magical defenses, which she said she could have done by the next day, and then me and Jack went to see if we could find out something in the parking cellar, we found an out-of-the-ordinary car.. from the like, 1920s or something like that, like something youd suspect mobsters in black&white movies to drive. It didn't open and we didn't see anything else so we went upstairs and found out that Silver Shield had looked a bit at the cameras and found out which car they used.. the one we found. After that i went to the hospital to see what could be done about my wounds (my nasty wounds, the ones from absorbing paradoxes), while i was there the others got into their room and found some plans.. and a fourth member of the "troupe", which they brought down after a little shuffle and huffle, and when i returned we were about to start interrogating the prisoners.

We played good cop, bad cop.. and got nowhere, so we played bad cop, bad cop, and got what we wanted. A Mysterium professor, Annulus, had volounteered to help us, i was a bit skeptical but.. he seemed harmless enough, he dug up some information on the mobs with the tommy guns and the girls with flame throwers, the girs were part of a group who believed in.. this is so weird… alien-abductions.. so we settled that we'd set it up so that while two of us posed as an interviewer and a fotographer, two others would sneak in, while the last stood guard (eller hva slags cover vi bruker for at Eva måtte dra tidlig).

So while i and jack busted silently in through the fire exit Charlotte had rusted for us, Annulus and Silver Shield went to see some of them about an interview, it went smootly, we entered a lounge-like room, and heard them coming our way so we hid in the stairs down to the cellar, or rather, Jack hid, i slid down.. saw a flash of silvery light… and the next thing i know i'm lying on the floor feeling weak, rapidly stopping my excessive active spells i tried to lie still and asses the situation until i felt ready, but the next thing that happened was rapid spell-casting so i jumped up and cast a rote.
It seemed that they thought, or liked to believe, that Mages were.. aliens.. in human disguise and that they had a detector in the basement.. Annulus had cast a spell on himself and Silver Shield so that they wouldn't be recognized as such but me and Jack werent so lucky.
Upon defeat they teleported out and we called for backup and started securing the area (having Sympathetic connections to a heavy "clock" devise that apparently sent aliens back into space and seizing their imbued/enchanted items and such). After which some people came and i felt it was safe to get to the hospital for treating my wounds, which is where i've been for the last four five days.

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