Spillernavn: Torstein
Shadow Name: Kage
Real Name: Max Prawer (or so he says)
Path: Obrimos
Order: Adamantine Arrow
Age: 21
Hair: Black, "konsistens" like the players
Eyes: Green (not foggy green like most people with green eyes have but pure green)
Height: 184cm
Weight: (anyone who can figure out something believable can tell me)
Occupation: Kung Fu instructor
Character Concept: "Narutoesque" Ninja

Description: "Often seen in idle moments with his Nintendo DS Lite up and playing"

He's got good strong muscles all over his body. The back of his hand has a tattoo of a design featuring a 4 sided star "emitting" circles from "under" it, (giving the design a ripples-in-water-like look), the largest encompassing the star altogether.

He dresses in dark colours (mainly grey or black, but allso darker shades of brown, green and blue), aswell as a long black coat ("Matrix style" think Neo). He also wears a necklace the shape of a typical asian dragon wrapping itself around a samurai sword.
He smiles alot, but can look very serious and dark sometimes.

Details: He has a small "pouch like" thing that looks like its for holding a cell phone, hanging tightened in place for his belt, which is strange because he'll fish up his cell phone from a pocket. In combat however, this is from where he draws his Shuriken.

He currently has Final Fantasy 1&2 Dawn of souls for the GBA and Final Fantasy IV inserted in his DS, mostly he can be found Playing IV.

Other Info: Often seen pondering over some papers, which if anyone comes close, he'll explain is a character sheet of a roleplaying game.. however.. few people tend to be so stressed out over a roleplaying game…

Has his dead mentors Miraz's pecculiarily green flashlight with him at all times.

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