Initiation in the Concilium

Initiation in the Concilium and new discoveries about Nintendo's genius

I Love Zelda! I was returning to the Temple of the Ocean King for the second time, this time to the bottom floor (presumably) to get the location of the third temple, i got down and there was an AMAZING puzzle, you were supposed to transfer a mark from a stone slab to your sea chart without any idea how to. after trying alot and with sea chart still up while looking at the stone i closed my DS in frustration, and a moment after reopened it, I had Solved it! Nintendo is amazing.

On to the real job of things, to get truly initiated in the Concilium they have you do some tasks to show your worthy of their trust, so i got a call and were sent to help a guy from Mysterium with finding something someone had stolen from them, this proved to be an amulet that drained luck from the user to others, Mato, the Native American doctor dude was allso sent there along with a Ladder girl that couldn't even legally enter the casino… her shadow name is even Shadowpuff while cute.. she was a bit silly but she knew her stuff well enough.. i hope.

we got a quick brief from the Mysterium guy they had put on the task and were to meet again after readying up, maybe doing a bit of research and stuff. So i went on to look at the webpapers to see if any of them had been updated recently enough to display some freaky fortune/unfortune, but i didn't find anything, until the end when i found some guy had been found dead in his suite above a casino, when we met later other freaky things allso pointed to that casino so we headed there.

In short we found the guy, and three Sleepwalkers aiding him, and he tried to escape after noticing our presence, so we had to follow him by car, Mato's car, very nice but theirs seemed faster, We chased them casting spells trying to keep up and hinder them while they threw obstacles in our way, that didn't stop me from using some pretty Vulgar magic to draw out the electrisity from some of thoose Flashy signs and stuff that this place is filled with to hit both them and their car pretty badly.. but in the end i suffered a Paradox which i of course absorbed into my flesh rather then have the effects run loose, so i switched to my shuriken when we got close enough up on them, the others did some firing and some efforts to keep the car on track, and in the end we wound up with three dead sleepwalkers and one imprisoned mage, which we turned in. (I actually helped kill thoose poor sleepwalkers.. even the guy who was just the driver.. perhaps they deserved it but.. i don't want to think like that, the only ones who i'd kill with intent are Awakened who abuse their power in any way)

Later in the afternoon/evening we were all gathered at the Conciliums half-annual gathering to introduce new members, with many introductions and some ruckus resulting in a half-hour break (in which i went down through the Temple of the Ocean King and discovered the wonders of the DS mechanics), at the end of the break a couple of guys rushed in and started spewing out bullets into the crowd! they were followed by, coming from the other entrance, a line of girls in tinfoil hats spewing out fire at us with a flame thrower! I was wounded pretty badly in the ensuing fight but managed to heal off the worst, but they used some sort of magic probably to increase the chance and effect of Paradoxes, combined with the lethality of bullets and flametrowers i was hurt pretty badly but i survived (the attackers were most likely Banishers, one of the dudes even screamed "Death to all Magicians!") , they ended up being exploded after a girl i sat with jumped out a window, turned water from a fountain into gaseline and moved it to the ones spewing fire, it was a pretty huge blast allright.. only.. some one threw a hand grenade from the dudes with guns out the window not knowing she was out there…. thank god she was in a place with ample magicians trained well enough in Life arcanums.

After the short but nasty battle i used what healing i could but the Paradoxes had suffered me badly, so i did what i could and signed up for regular medical care. After not long someone came out and anounced that someone had snuck in and slit the throat of the leader of the Conilium in the fray of the battle.. after some shifting around and about We, the newly initiated and people with the shortest time around and therefore the least likely suspects, were put in charge of investigating, I'm gonna do my duty and find the bastard who'd murder anther Awakened like that, theyr're allso chosing a new head of the Concilium in two weeks, and i definately know whom i'll vote for if i can vote. After order had been somewhat restored we… -the rest continues on pages you have not been able to get hold of yet-

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