Ley Lines and hobos

Ley Lines and Hobos

Gotten Tellah and a bit further into the waterway cave, the travelers map function is a fun little addition drives you to search, makes you find all the chests aswell.

I was comissioned by the guardians. Me, Dick, Charlotte, Mato, Silver Shield and Allan(who was the guardian originally assigned) were to figure out what had happened (or rather.. fix it so it doesnt' happen agian) to a Hallow they were using which had had a sudden change in ressonance, and now its mana wasn't as usefull for what they were using it to (it had gone from: Study & Secrecy with a hint of endurance, to: Vast and empty disorder) so we met at the house it was in and proceeded to the apparement it had manifested itself in. I casted Supernal Vision and me and Silver Shield who allso had some Prime knowledge found that it was in the bathroom, it was a on a convergence of two Ley Lines, one of the lines had a ressonance of Study and Contemplation, the other.. was a relatively strong Lunar.. Allan contacted Flemming and he came over to share the info they had, while waiting for him i went out on the roof to see if i could figure out where the Ley Lines went, one went down the street the other vanished into a backstreet. Flemming told us that the Lunar Ley Line went through the slums out into the desert (came from there) and had previously ressonanced Hopelessness and Stubborn Persistence with some secrecy (doesn't fit to bad with the slums now does it?).
(Oh and Dick, when we told him to be of some use, said he'd go get a sixpack for the people, he did not howver return.. though the sixpack part sounds likely >.>)

We took Allans car and traced the Lunar Line, checking every now and then to make sure we'd pick up when it changed ressonance, we found that it changed at a homeless shelter, we were just planning how to approach, when we got a call from someone, (Stalker i think) telling us that Fox had bit licked by someone thereby getting an overdose of something.. and they needed Mato to clear the drugs from his system.. so we decided to go back to ourselves and try to disguise ourselves as hobos so that we'd fit in.

After Allan had helped us with our disguises, we headed to the homeless shelter, arriving alone. i came in and started checking people with my Supernal Vision, finding that some of the people were not quite human any longer and others were just plain weird… when i felt a wave of deppression wash over me and just needed someones shoulder to cry on and when i was suddenly knocked out.

I awakened suddenly to find that Silver Shield was no where to be found, Allan was talking to a man1 and a woman, Mato, had apparently entered and been attacked by a hobo (who now lay there dead, with a mangled arm and spike holes (hedgehog style)), panicked and cast a spell to give himself hedgehog spikes after the hobo had tried to grab him and bite at his throat (did i mention the hobo had acid spit?). We called flemming over and he and a couple of other guardians came and solved things, after which we collected Mato and Silver Shield (Charlotte had gone missing it seemed but she was allright, she had just made herself scarce when mato had shot a hobo with a shotgun), anyway, atleast we got 4 edible tass for a job well done.

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