Path: Moros
Order: Guardians of the Veil

Utseende: Hun er en liten gammel dame, med svart hår som har halvveis blitt grått samlet i en stram knute bakpå hodet. Hun holder håndvesken hardt hele tiden, og ser seg rundt som om hvem som helst kunne være en potensiell ransmann og veskenapper. Øynene er nesten usynlige under alle rynkene og mysingen.
Info: One of the top field agents and combat experts of the Guardians, Moksha came to Los Angeles when she felt that her identity had become too known in the magical world for her to continue working in secret. Reputdely, she's managed to spend years pretending to be one of the Seers of the Throne, gaining much information on their plans and schemes, and assassinating quite a lot of their key leaders before she left the field of action.

Her ability to "see" the corruption in others, and whether or not they are following the right path in life, has always made others uneasy in her presence. Her semi-paranoid demeanor hasn't helped matters much either, and so she is often avoided. Many don't want to know what she sees if she looks at them.

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