Sin and Vice

Sin and Vice

Progress doesn't seem important right now. But i'm still a little woozy..

We (Me, Stalker, William hall, Charlotte and Aliester) were tasked with figuring out some minor unimportant stuff, a part of town were a bit wild or something, people being angry and stuff.

There was someone living there but before we got to him i figured, I should really be focusing on the *this part seems edited away for the version handed in to the Mysterium* and not a bunch of angry sleepers, i figured allso, i should have William Hall study it with me perhaps.. if i can trust him that is…

Anyway we visited a Mage living in the area, he seemed like he didn't know much, but he looked like he was hiding something, and he was, he was hiding a magical item of unimportant origins. The strange thing was he said he wasn't home and then we saw lights in the window.. ah well.. unimportant. Oh, andd there were alot of spirit activity or something, focused around his house, or something. So we checked the rest of the house, and then there was some loud noises coming from a door, so i was trying to kick it in to get the bad doer to calm down, (it was probably someone abusing someone else) and then William tries to get me to stop, the door goes up, William points a gun at the man in the door, a bit later a shotgun blast comes through the door, one loud bang more is all i remember….

After i woke up again, hurting like hell, the others told me that the Mage we had visited had been the cause of everything, and that they had called in some reinforcements and got him down.. allso.. he had manifested my deepest Vice and now it was running around doing nasty stuff…. and on top of it all.. i never got anything done about the *edited*

It allso seems that he was driving people into their deepest Vice making people act weird, and we did stop a gang of thugs from raping a woman but… i didn't feel anything.. i do feel something now though…. PAIN!

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