Souls of Excelente quality.

Souls of Excelente quality

Progress! We downloaded a whole freaking com load of files neccesary for our research, started before the Tower of Zot, is now after the 2nd time through the Tower of Babil.

Me, Mato and Charlotte, were asked by John Dee, a spirit researcher who rented a flat with a.. Loki?, needed us to help him get the flat back, after "some rich upstarts" had paid more then him to get him kicked out.

We went over to the place to find it crowded with teenagers.. without much asking around we found out that a boyband that called themselves Excelente was the ones that had taken over John Dee's place. Mato and Charlotte had allready had some troubles with the band, and could confirm that there were something wrong with them, that they lacked souls, and that the manager didn't use his real name.

We discussed some plans, Charlotte even asked the whispers in her head (what the..?) and they came up with: "Fill the void" and "Red the emotions of many be", before settling for simply trying to get together a petition amongst the other people who lived in the house to get the band kicked out, so we went to an internet café and sat there downloading alot of neccesary files for the task ahead, (for example a list of the inhabitants), Mato got a phonecall and had to go heal someone, and in the end it got very late.

When we met up, Charlotte had to leave in order to get some sleep, so me and Mato decided we could start asking around. We asked at the counter about the general opinion about the band amongst the inhabitors, and found out that the band was generally well liked.. what.. a.. bummer.

In lack of anything better to do we settled for simply going up and confronting the band.
We easily got past a sleepy guard outside the door, and sat down nice and hid in the living room as someone came in. It was what looked to be the manager, and a young girl, he had her sign a paper, before she went over to another door… took of her clothes and went in… He started burning the (obviously a) contract. and i scrutinized him with my Supernal Vision. I heard Miraz describing in that super ominous voice he liked to use when unveiling the cooler and more dangerous secrets, how his soul sparkled with Awakened light, and how it was filled with black veins. and he sensed it..
He called out the people from the other rooms, and as soon as the lights were turned on we were discovered, We introduced ourselves and shook hands, and my strength was drained, and after trying a bit to talk, we simply tried to leave, which we found less easy. The half-naked ladies tried to seduce us, and the guard outside blocked the door. So in the end, Mato told me to run, while he himself grabbed the trashcan the manager had thrown the ashes of the contract, and burst out the window. So i ran, and ran down the stairs and out on the street, and the police who had been standing outside keeping a watch over the teengers they had forced out of the building, were all over him. He'll be allright ofcourse, i'm glad of that.

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