Then to get the Seers!

Then to get the Seers! ((les forrige referat for å få vite hvem som (jeg tror) var med))

Me and Stalker made for the basement, when we got down there we saw.. a.. tall pregnant woman that seeemed.. spirit like.. when Stalker started singing for no reason.. Iago lay there on an altar just as Silver Shield had described, the rest of the gang came and the two women we had met here earlier showed up from nowhere, tried to chat with us before some stuff happened and it came to combat.

As soon as the seers were loosing the fight they fled into the wall.. i followed and was met with… a set of cairn stones.. night sky, with the moon filling like a third of it.. and green grass.

Stalker went after Aliester, while the stones started.. talking or.. atleast pointing out directions…

When everyone had followed through (except for Ophelia and Malefiecent who were gonna take care of things back in the "real" world) we went off in the direction the "stones" had given us, our spirit experts could allso inform us that we were in the Spirit world.. which was kinda kreepy.

We went through a forest and into the city with Silver Shield keeping track on where the Seers were, in the city we suddenly happened upon a car-like spirit.. that tried to run us down! So we ran! Into an alley! and then i made a stop-sign using Phantasm.. and it seemed to have worked because the car(?) didn't catch up to me.

We went on for some more time, until we came to a church… atleast thats what we think it was… it looked more like a necropolis or some of the necropolis buildings from HoMM3.. a Grand Cathedral of DOOOOM! or something along thoose lines.. most likely a Loki ((Lokus?)), a sort of Hallow for Spirits. So we decided we didn't want to launch a frontal assault right now.. even if they would escape we're one step closer to getting them and we can spread information on them to others aswell.

Anyway, in the end, everyone went home to Mato and we crossed over to the material plane/real world or whatever there, when suddenly Allan got a phonecall

*the rest seems to be filed off somewhere else for some reason*

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