No Blood Nowhere

No Blood Nowhere

No progress.. not for a while..

everythings just vague.. but i've never seen such things..

We were tasked with finding a girl who had vanished.. she was a free council i think.. and she and some guy from out of town, they had gone somewhere and they hadn't heard from her since.

Me, Silver Shield, Fox, a Thyrsus named Aliester, and (hva nå den nye karakteren til chris heter) was given the task. We
found out that they had eaten dinner and talked together, so went to the same place (we even got the same table, gotta love time mages) and Fox Time-Scryed to look back at things. He found out some but not much.

In any event we managed to find out she had rented a car, so we went over there, shoved off as a concerned family, and got the car traced to Springton, a small out in nowhere town apparently.

We researched things a bit and Silver Shield scryed on the car to check, which ended in him being discovered, and being put under a rather nasty spell. After we had researched we went to Springton.

Springton was a small town, where visitors come rarely, we found the car with no one in sight, so we opened a searched through it, we found not much but we found a picture of a place, a small run down building with nothing near it.
Fox Time-Scryed to see the place himself somehow i think, and after some inquiry around we found out it was called Nowhere Nevada, a club.. kinda.. something sorta which a gang used as an HQ-thingy.

We went there, it was empty, and decided to go inside, where we saw….

*scribbled on the version handed in to the mysterium: "Its okay to skip this part.. i would actually advice so"*

Its the most ghastly thing i've ever seen… it was her… at an.. alter sorta.. and.. dead.. cut up into pieces… and worst of all….. no blood… no blood whatsoever…

It was then that we heard the motorcycles outside….

Th-*the rest of the pages are lost or missing*

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