Tilgjengelige Merits

Her har vi en liste over relevante merits. Dette er i tilegg til de man finner i World of Darkness hovedboken.

Mage Hovedboken

Name Page Effect
Artifact p80 Own an Artifact, magic items that refills own Mana
Destiny p81 Bonus dice to add to all pools, get one Bane penalty
Dream p82 Gain clues to questions
Enhanced Item p82 Super-effective tool, made better with magic
Familiar p82 Animal spirit companion and assistant
Hallow p83 Constant Source of Mana in Sanctum
High Speech p84 Understand and use the Words of Power
Imbued Item p84 Own magic item
Library p85 1/dot topics of research
Occultation p86 Become hidden from enemy magic and attention
Sanctum p86 Have a headquarters, magical safe place/home
Sleepwalker Retainer p88 Faithful Sleepwalker Assistant
Status, Concilium p88 Standing in Awakened Society
Status, Order p88 Standing in Order, 1 dot is full member
Thrall p89 Own soulstone, so owner must do 3 tasks/favours

Guardians of the Veil boka

Name Page Effect
Ancient Signs p58 Influence secret societies through inside knowledge
Masque p69 Trained in using various types of fake identities, gives bonuses
Trained Memory p46 Learn to Memorize information perfectly

Mysterium boka

Name Page Effect
Athenaeum p66 Gain dots in Laboratory, Library or Scriptorium
Mystery Initiation p102 Gain bonuses as you increase your level in the hidden initiations
Portable Sanctum p141 Sanctum is portable
Scriptorium p67 Reduce the XP cost to learn rotes
Whispers p179 Use dream as Instant Action, at cost of sanity

Free Council boka

Name Page Effect
Area of Expertise p131 Increase mental speciality to +2
Manifestation Machine p131 Familiar gets +1 to manifest per dot, max 3
Make Do p132 Remove penalties from lack of tools, "Mcgyvering"
Rational Explanation p133 resist mental break with science or academics

Adamantine Arrow boka

Name Page Effect
Oathbound 63 Ability to gain boosts & bonuses when keeping promises and oaths
Adamantine Hand 53 Magical fighting style making spells better
Fighting Style: Grappling 50 Training in wrestling and similar techniques.
Fighting Style: Spear/Bayonet 51 Training in fighting with spears and similar weapons.

Silver Ladder boka

Illuminate Access to a cult of people willing to use their social merits for you
Proximus You're born with a touch of magic

Tome of the Mysteries boka

Name Page Effect
Alchemical Lab p146 Have a lab, can make Awakened Alchemical items
Law of Embodiment p77 Combine Rote and Mundane attack
Gesture Lore p94 Use different types of mudras with known rotes
Glyph Lore p97 Comprehend different types of Atlantean Rune Styles
Ritual Synergy p74 Can cooperate on spell even if not everyone knows it

Sanctum & Sigil boka

Name Page Effect
Geomancer p99 Understand and alter Ley Lines
Guardian Ghost p85 Bound Ghost protecting Sanctum
Guardian Retainer p85 Armed Guard servant
Guardian Spirit p86 Bound Spirit protecting Sanctum
Sanctum Gauntlet p86 + or – to border to spirit world at Sanctum
Sanctum Materials p86 More robust & Secure Sanctum, armor plated & similar

Magical Traditions boka

Name Page Effect
Ethnogenic Synesthesia p137 +3 Perception when using drugs
Lu p54 Agreements with list of spirits for tasks rendered
Magical Tradition p23 Gain full benefits of Magical Tradition
Trip Sitter p137 Help others resist side effects of drugs
Seventh Son of a Seventh Son p Various benefits due to magical birth

Tome of the Watchtowers boka

Name Page Effect
Additional Familiars p154 Have more than one Familiar
Daimon p66 Specialization of Dream merit
Feral Mien p154 Bonus on intimidation/seduction
Higher Calling p125 +1 Resolve to resist coercion
Identity Anchor p153 Never risk to lose sentience while shapechanging
Spirit Status p154 Standing in Spirit Society


Name Page & Book Effect
Good Time Management Reliquary p84 Extended rolls cut time by 1/4
Multi-Lingual Reliquary p85 2 languages per dot, but not perfect
Shadow Contacts Book of Spirits p110 Contacts in Spirit World
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